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Introducing: our new and improved ticketing system, based on the service.  Now you can:

  • Choose which performance
  • Get your ticket immediately
  • Print it or show it on your smart phone
  • Check in electronically at the door.

This will save paper, time, be more convenient for you, and help us manage the ticketing process more efficiently with our limited volunteer staff.

How to Use our New Ticketing System

Questions? Answered!

Summer Place entered my order for me. How do I get into Tix??

We entered your order using your email address. Visit to create your own password and then you can access your account.

But I didn't give you an email address?

Call our box office at 630-355-7969 and leave your name and phone number. We'll call you and get you going!

I'd rather mail a check, or even supply a credit card number, but only by mail. Is that OK?

You bet!! Click here to get our order form. Print it out, fill it out, and mail it in with a check or your credit info.

Can I buy tickets at the door?

Yes. The box office is open 1 hour before the performance starts. Cash, check or charge (MC, Visa, Discover). Same price. But it's quicker for you to pickup tickets at Will Call after you buy online than it is when you buy at the door. Just sayin'. Completely up to you.

Can I buy tickets over the phone?

While online purchasing is quick and easy, you can also call our answering machine at 630-355-7969, leave your name, phone number, and your order, and we'll call you back to confirm.

Where are the performances?

Naperville Central High School Auditorium. The kids leave after the school year and we rent it for the summer. The entrance to the auditorium is on the west side of the campus, the side that faces West Street. Look for our banner above the entrance. Only that entrance is open. The main school entrance on Aurora Avenue is not open. 

How much is parking?

Free! And plentiful. Park in the WEST PARKING LOT on the corner of West Street and Hillside Road.

Are there group rates?

Yes! Buy 15 or more tickets for a given show and save 20%. Contact and we'll make the arrangements..

Specials for senior centers?

Yes! Your event coordinator can attend free when you bring a group!! Write the before you buy your tickets (don't buy online) and we'll make the arrangements. 

Can Summer Place Use Some Help?

Yes! How did you know!?! We've kept our ticket price low so everyone in the community can enjoy the dramatic arts. If you like that idea and can afford a little extra, please consider adding a donation to your order. It goes to building sets and renting costumes and paying royalties to the playwrights, which is all very expensive. 

In fact, our technical director gave us a list of items we could really use, along with their prices. Perhaps you may want to adopt one of these?

  • Table Saw - $600
  • Rigging Tools and Equipment - $300
  • Tool Cart/storage - $200
  • Band Saw - $130
  • Cordless Drills - $130 each
  • Router - $70
  • Thanks so much!

Celebrating the Illinois Bicentennial




Happy Birthday, Illinois!

The 2018 Summer Place Season is recognized as an official Illinois state Bicentennial Commission Project.

Learn more about the commission at their website.