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Don Gingold
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Items for Sale

Want your own bench from our Wrigley Field?

A few select pieces of the set for Bleacher Bums is available for sale at great prices. Take a look!

First, take a look at the great set we had for Bleacher Bums. Thanks to our set designer Sabrina Zeidler and our tech director Jensine Wallers for how it looked, along with lots of help from Jeff Heath, Frank Blood, our cast, and yours truly.  The back walls were made to look like cinder block, when in reality they were foam insulation boards with lines routered into them. Plus, take a look at the chain link fence and yellow piping to make a replica of Wrigley Field. Awesome!

The Benches were made with 2x12 lumber and we have 3 10 foot sections and 6 4-foot sections to offer. We paid $22 for the 10 footers and $18 for 8 footers (which we cut in half). We'd be happy with $1 per foot for any/all of it. 

Several sections of the floor were made with 3/4 inch plywood. We have 4 odd-size but big sheets, 4-foot wide by 59.5 inches long. 

We also have an odd-sized platform that we don't expect we'll use again. It's 31.25 inches wide and 6ft long. That could make for a good shelf in a garage or even a platform for a fellow theatre group. You know the material costs of building it. What will you offer?

And the brick wall of the right field bleachers was actually brick paneling cut in 4x4 pieces. We have 6 of them. They make a great backdrop! They were originally 4x8 sheets for $26 but then we cut them and stained them to look older and weathered. Make an offer!

OK, so we didn't use this in Bleacher Bums, but we have 4 rolls of this stuff in storage and we'd love to offer it to a group that can use them. It's leatherette on top and felt on the back. Can be used for table cloths, upholstering, probably lots of things. Do you need this?

If ANY of this material can be of use to you, please let us know. Email with the offer and we'll get back to you.


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