It's Volunteer Week - Join the Theatre!

It's a perfect week to consider lending your talents

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It's Volunteer Week; a great time to support YOUR COMMUNITY THEATRE, the Summer Place!

You may have only attended shows, but have you ever considered working on them? Promoting them, or building sets, or painting them? How about organizing costumes or props? There are lots of ways to help...

The Passion of the Play

Community members bring big production quality to a theatre near you

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Did you see the big, live performance of "Jesus Christ SuperStar" on NBC television last night? If you liked it, have we got something for you!

Summer Place 52nd Season Named Official State Bicentennial Project

Come Celebrates Illinois’ 200th Birthday With Us!

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To add to the excitement of our 52nd season, the Illinois State Bicentennial Commission has named this season an official Bicentennial Project with a listing on it’s website and inclusion in its announcements and programs. See what we're planning this year...

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Happy Birthday, Illinois!

The 2018 Summer Place Season is recognized as an official Illinois state Bicentennial Commission Project.

Learn more about the commission at their website.